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Campbell Family Dentistry - Dr. Walter Weber

Campbell Family dentist, Walter Weber, DDS enjoys all aspects of dentistry and has enjoyed getting to know his patients over the years. What sets our dental practice apart is that we take time to listen and respect all of our patients concerns and oral health goals, whether they are here for improved health or for cosmetic treatment. We make sure to give patients a chance to ask any questions and strive to make our patients feel like family.

Not only does our Campbell family dentistry office provide quality dental treatments but we give honest feedback as well. Dr. Weber does not recommend unnecessary treatments and he educates his patients on all of their options. After consulting with Dr. Weber, patients will understand risks, benefits and all viable alternatives.

Our practice is happy to cater to patients of all ages. Dr. Weber recommends children to begin seeing a dentist at age three. Nitrous Oxide is available upon parental consent and patients are encouraged to bring headphones to listen to music while receiving treatment.

If you have any questions about our Campbell family dentist, feel free to contact us or schedule your appointment online.

Common Campbell Family Dentistry Procedures:

• Oral Exams – During oral exams, patients are given the opportunity to update their health history on file. At this time the patient should bring up any new health issues or new medications they are taking. Next, the dentist will check each tooth for decay and any swelling around the gums as well as check fillings and crowns. Dental x-rays are often also taken at the time of an oral exam.

• Teeth Cleaning (prophylaxis) – Patients should get their teeth cleaned approximately every six months. During a teeth cleaning, the hygienists remove tartar (hardened plaque), and carefully clean in areas that are overlooked or hard for patients to reach on their own. Teeth are then polished and flossed.

• Dental Fillings – When cavities caused by bacteria in the mouth leave holes in teeth, they need to be filled in order to stop the disease from spreading. Family dentist, Dr. Weber will restore the tooth by filling the cavity with a composite, body compatible material.

• Root Canal Therapy – Every tooth has a root canal. When bacterial reaches the tooth root, treatment is necessary. During root canal treatment, the dentist will clear out tooth roots and seal the canal so that bacterial may not enter again. Every tooth that needs root canal therapy will need a dental crown after.

• Dental Crown - Dental Crowns are the last resort before losing a tooth. If the tooth is badly chipped or a filling has come out leaving the tooth weak, Dr. Weber may recommend crowning the tooth. This requires a tooth shaped crown to be placed over the entire tooth, stabilizing and strengthening the tooth structure.

• Braces – Braces are an orthodontic treatment used where crooked or misaligned teeth are gently moved to a more straight line over the course of 6-24 months.

• TMJ Therapy – TMJ pain is often diagnosed when patients suffer from pain in their jaw, or experience popping or clicking from their jaw. Many cases of TMJ pain can be resolved by your Campbell family dentist, by wearing a mouth guard or bite splint. The splint helps prevent jaw clenching or teeth grinding, reducing the source of TMJ pain.

• Dental Implant Restorations – Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth. When a patient elects to get dental implants, Campbell family dentist, Dr. Weber, will refer them to a specialist (Oral Surgeon or Periodontist) to place the implant (fake tooth root) into the jaw bone. Once the implant heals and integrates into the bone, Dr. Weber will place a crown on top, restoring the dental implant.

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