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Caring for the teeth properly involves several different types of dental procedures that vary according to a patient’s particular needs at any given time. In addition to dental examinations, teeth cleanings, and restorations, patients often need the skills of a Campbell orthodontist.  This type of dental specialist focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of malocclusions. Occurring when the teeth don’t fit together properly (malocclusion), bite irregularities can lead to problems with the jaw, poor oral hygiene, and less-than-perfect smiles. Dealing with this type of problem early can help to prevent cavities and other issues with the teeth and jaw.

With a philosophy of performing necessary dental procedures while avoiding those that aren’t actually needed, Dr. Walter Weber, DDS, chooses a conservative approach when treating his patients. He also recognizes that straighter teeth can enhance an individual’s smile and self-image. No longer needing to hide overbites or crooked teeth gives patients a heightened level of confidence and a better outlook on life. Properly-straightened teeth also make eating and oral hygiene easier for many individuals.

Dr. Weber understands the importance of offering his patients the skills of an experienced orthodontist in his Campbell office for the purposes of straightening teeth. Therefore, once a week, he welcomes Dr. Thomas Campbell, DDS, MS, an experienced orthodontist, to the office for the purposes of treating his patients regarding orthodontic care.

Dr. Campbell keeps up with modern advances in the field of orthodontics, enabling him to give his patients access to both traditional and modern procedures. He provides a variety of orthodontic treatments for his patients on a case-by-case basis, identifying the best approach in each instance.

Focusing on treating patients with an orthodontic procedure with which they feel comfortable, Dr. Campbell provides modern styles in addition to traditional braces. Understanding the special care that must be given to the needs of children, he also offers colored bands for young patients. Our Campbell orthodontist also specializes in a type of clear braces that are highly effective in achieving desired results for straighter teeth and a healthier smile. This style of invisible braces provides a viable option for patients who want straighter teeth without the noticeability of traditional braces.

Understanding that not all insurance plans cover orthodontic treatments for adults, our dental facility offers patients in-house financing options. Dental insurance is always accepted.

For more information on teeth straightening methods with our Campbell Orthodontist, please call or schedule an appointment online today.

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